Birth classes

For mums to be & or birth companions

This one off session uses yogic and hypnobirthing techniques to help pregnant women and their birthing partners feel more prepared for the birth. You don't need to have any previous yoga experience to get the most out of this session. You will be given a sheet of all the practices covered so you don't have to worry about remembering them all.


This 1.5hrs-2hr session explores   

1. movements to help mum be more comfortable during the birth and to aid the delivery 

2. breath and visualisation to help mum be as calm and relaxed as possible 

3. ways the birth partner can help support mum to have a positive birth experience

4. advice on practical preparations, dealing with medical staff and postnatal care


Who are the sessions for?

Birthing mums and their birth partners, groups of mums and birth partners or just birthing mums. Groups can be organised privately (NCT) or organised by the yoga teacher.



Private sessions are given in your home. Group sessions take place at a hired venue in Brighton.



Private sessions cost £80 for 1.5hrs-2hrs. £50 per couple is charged for group sessions. Location and time are organised by the Helen with the group. 


To book a private or group session contact Helen directly. 

"Thank you again for the class on Wednesday. It was so helpful, lots of information and great advice! You always create such a relaxing, loving and welcoming atmosphere, it makes it really easy to just relax and connect with myself and the baby. At the moment I feel relatively well prepared (as much as you can I guess), also thanks to you! I will now try and pass all my wisdom on to Ross, so we can look forward to the birth… ;)

See you next week at yoga. x Gesa"

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