I have been feeling a lot lately. Quite what I've been feeling I'm not sure. If I could put it into a word, overwhelmed might sum it up. It is as if I have reached this point in my life where once I saw a horizon and now I see fog and it seems I'm not the only soul wandering out here. There seems to be this point for women post kids, pre/during menopause that resembles some kind of emotional and physical wasteland. A place not pinpointable on any map, yet when you speak to other women they've all been there. This last year I've been walking through this wasteland looking for the exit. Treading this path has filled me with uncertainty, unrest but also a strange and welcome sense of freedom.

Society’s 'rules' for women seem clear around youth, pregnancy, work and what it wants/expects/demands of us and it’s up to us whether we buy into that or not. However middle age is the unspoken landscape it appears, where women move from maidens or mothers into...

Over the course of the last two weeks I have spent six days in the company of nine, sometimes more amazing women. Why? I've been teaching and assisting on the Lusthtums Post-Natal Yoga training course in Brighton. 

For the first time in almost a whole year I felt I was once again in a real space with women. A space of honesty and love. At the beginning on the first day we spent three hours listening to and talking about some incredible stories Clare Maddelana had returned with from her recent Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference at Findehorn in Scotland. 

Don't get me wrong there is a place for gentle every day chat with women you meet, other women colleagues, good friends and family members. But there is something very different about being in the company of women when we talk about our womenhood, our joy, our suffering, our rights of passage.

Only a handful of times in my life I have felt that sense of communion with other women. Have I truly allowed mys...

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