Everyone I've spoken to this last week is tired, energy less and ready for a break. With Christmas looming the chances of a break for most of us are slim. It's more likely we'll end up getting run down under the shear amount of physical, mental and emotion work that needs to be done before the 24.

If you're like me you've probably placed yourself at the end of your list of Christmas priorities. That ache or pain you've had for months can wait, that hair cut you've been meaning to get has been rolled over again to next week so that you can source some xmas presents for your kids teachers. It's all too familiar. 

Well this week I'm revolutionising my priority list. I'm at the top. It feels weird. Luxurious even and comes with a side order of guilt. Well this week I'm facing my fear of guilt, I'm looking it right in the eye and smiling at it. Guilt is just my conditioning and I don't have to play along with my conditioning. I've decided to change the rules.

What I've come to r...

 In this lifestyle crazy, wear this, eat that, think this world we live in, we're told all the time what’s good for us. When we think about being good to ourselves we usually think of ways we could improve ourselves or our lives. Exercising to get fitter, reading more to be better informed, eating certain foods to be healthier, using certain products in our homes and on our bodies to be safer.


It appears that being good to ourselves has become about doing and not listening.  If we choose to listen to the person on TV or the author of the article we loose the chance to be true to ourselves in the moment, to listen to our intuition. If we listen we can find all we need to know inside. 


To connect to this inner teacher, wisdom, intuition, whatever you call it we need a way to tap into ourselves. A simple practice the allows us to make space for doing what's truly good for us in the moment. The practice of kindness towards ourselves c...

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