Kids Yoga in Schools

I wish I'd learnt yoga as a child. The skills it teaches are so useful for life, not just for growing up.


Yoga & Mindfulness can help kids to

  • manage their emotions

  • learn how their body and brains work

  • learn how to release tension in their body and brain

  • learn positive thought patterns and self belief

I work with and train staff to work with kids aged 4-7, 8-11, 12-16 years old. 


Teaching in schools

Bringing this work into schools is so valuable and also helps to meet the curriculum requirements. My aim is to equip kids and staff with quick, simple, effective practices that can be used throughout the school day and at home. Ideally I want to see yoga and mindfulness in all schools, offered for free as part of the daily routine of school life. I believe these easy practices could support kids and staff to enjoy more relaxed, productive days in school. 

Teaching classes

I offer 30-45min kids classes in school either on a regular basis as a before or after school club, or as a one off to demo many of the practices I offer in my trainings. 


Training teachers/staff

I run 2 hour, half day or full day trainings for staff in Yoga and Mindfulness practices. 


The idea is for staff to

  • practice, so they can experience the benefit

  • see just how easy it is to teach

  • choose 2-3 practices either as a group/whole school or individually and to commit to teaching on a daily/weekly basis for a term.

Further support

I provide training sheets for all the practices taught during the training as reference for the teachers. 


I am available for contact during that first term of teaching the practices to talk through any boundaries or concerns staff may have about the practices or the practical delivery of them.


At the end of the term I get in contact again to hear feedback and to offer support and advice if needed on how to progress with the work. 


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