Nidra restore

Restorative & Nidra Fundamentals teacher training


All content covered will be delivered through experiential practice, discussion, the manual and homework.

Outline of the weekends

Contact time will focus on experiencing the practice, dissecting and teaching the poses as a group, reflection and discussion. There will also be short talks/ discussion on key elements of the work.

Weekend 1

  • Welcome, inquiries and reflections on both days

  • Practising sequence 1 and 2, plus group work dissecting the poses

  • Practise 2 stand alone Nidras

  • Talks on 1) Nidra: purpose, power, teaching principles, ethics, safety, offering, language, structure, brain waves/ sleep and the yogic mind and how to write one. 2) Restorative yoga: teaching principles, power, power, ethics, safety, offering, environment, transitions, language & prop organisation and experimentation). 3) Nidra, brain waves, sleep & the yogic mind. 

Weekend 2

  • Welcome, inquiries and reflections on both days

  • Practising sequence 3 and 4, group work dissecting the poses

  • Practise 2 stand alone Nidras

  • Talks on the 1) Nervous system, stress and relaxation response and their affects on the brain and body. 2) How NIDRA RESTORE can reduce the impact of these affects. 3) Reactions to practice, trauma and safety.


All the Nidra delivered that weekend will be sent to you for your to keep, refer to and enjoy. 

Home practice

Before the training 

You are invited to practice different styles of Nidra, record your experiences and their is some suggested reading

During the training 

You are invited to attend regular restorative classes and practice NIDRA 3 or more times a week, recording your experiences of both. 


This will cover lots of additional information, some of which you will be asked to read as homework and other bits you are invited to read at your leisure. The key elements of this information will come out in our talks and discussions. The manual is meant to be a supplement to your learning and a resource to keep and refer to in the future. 



You will be given homework after both weekends some of which will be sent to me before the second weekend for consideration and feedback.

After weekend 1: You will be asked to write, deliver and record your own Nidra and to show how you would layer four different restorative poses (from most gentle to more sensation fuelled). You will also be asked to read the anatomy and physiology section of the manual.

After weekend 2: You will be given a short question and answer sheet on the work covered. This is not an exam but simply a way for me to know that you have made time to read the manual and soak up all the additional information we couldn’t cover in our time together. You will also be asked to teach a NIDRA RESTORE sequences to 3 or more people and to record your experiences. I will ask for this back within three months of finishing the course.

Certificates and accreditation

You will receive a NIDRA RESTORE: Restorative and Nidra Fundamentals Teacher Training certificate in the post on completion of the course requirements. I am currently considering getting this course accredited with the IYN. Watch this space. Feel free to contact me about accreditation if it concerns you - 07813712073.


Follow up, optional, free supervision

On completion of your homework I will be available to you for one phone conversation to discuss anything you would like to seek advice about regarding the delivery of this work in the hope that sharing some of things I've learnt may help you to address arising issues, comments or observations.


NIDRA RESTORE training dates for London and Brighton 2020


As we are only covering the fundamentals in NIDRA RESTORE I hope to offer one day or weekend trainings in the following soon

NIDRA RESTORE to support

1. Sleep

2. Changing thought patterns/ samskaras

3. Developing confidence

4. Tapping into creativity

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