About Yoga Nidra & how to practice

Yoga Nidra is the space between wakefulness and sleep. It sounds like a guided relaxations but it can offer much more than relaxation. Nidra are written with specific intentions and the language, imagery and structure of them help the listener to experience that intention and to embody it. 

The best thing about Nidra is that it offers space to just be, no matter how you are or what's going on for you, in the space of Nidra all is welcome, every single part of you is welcome.

Nidra is best practiced lying down but can be practiced seated. For the best results practice in a quiet, warm space where you are fully comfortable and aren't going to be interrupted.

F R E E  Nidras

Nidra album for wellbeing

This album is a collection of five Nidras lasting from 15 to 26mins. Each nidra has been written and recorded with a specific intention of evoking a certain quality in the listener. There is a Nidra for 





Whatever you need in that moment

This album was recorded live at Yoga Studios, at home and at events. The words are easy to hear but there is background noise. This is not a sound studio recorded album.

F R E E breath practice for living well

This breathing practice is for adults. The listener should time their breathing with the sound of the chime. The breath in and out breath lasts 6 seconds and the practice lasts 20 minutes. If your breath count needs to be shorter just practice breathing evenly in and out for 20 minutes. Gradually with practice your breath length will increase.  

This breath practice as offered in 'The Healing Power of the Breath' by Richard Brown MD and Patricia Gerbarg is said to bring optimum balance to the seven major systems of the body. 

It is said to be especially powerful for those people suffering with anxiety. To counter act the affects of anxiety this breath should be practiced twice daily for 20minutes. 

The listener should feel the difference within a few weeks of regular practice. 

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