About the album

Pregnancy is such a special time for a women. Yet often life doesn't allow much time for mums to be to focus on their changing body and tune in to their baby and how they feel.


This album allows mums the chance to practice at a time that's convenient to them and as often as they like. Every little bit of practice will help make a more comfortable, easy birth. 


The album's movement breathing, visualisation and relaxation practices offer an expectant mum a full and gentle pregnancy yoga practice.


The album can be practiced all together for a full 60 minutes or the tracks can be listened to invidiually as mini practices.


Note: Please note that some of the tracks were recorded live during yoga sessions so there are one or two incidences of background noise. 


Buying on your mobile

If you are buying this download on your mobile device you will be sent an email with the download to the email connected to your paypal device. You have 3 days to open this email and download the album onto your computer/music account. 






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